Aging is a natural part of our life that is inevitable and cannot be stopped or we cannot do anything about it, except just wishing that time would stop somehow or some magic happens and we just do not grow old and always stay young and fresh but that is never happening, right?

So, what we can do about it that we can still manage to look younger, vibrant and fresh at any age, simply by taking good care of our physical and mental health, obviously by taking good care of our hygiene, mind and body, we will be healthy, wealthy and wise.

Here, we will tell you about some food items that will help you age better, wisely and make you feel good about yourself, both inside and out.
Eating healthy is as important to our body as breathing fresh air, as if we breathe in polluted environment and bad air, we won’t be able to survive for long just like that, if we do not eat healthy and proper meals containing required amount of nutrients and food items we would not be able to live a long and healthy life. So, basically food holds the primary importance. Everything else depends on what we eat!

Now let’s discuss about some food items that will help you look younger and fresher at all ages and make your skin better and GOALSSSS!

#1 Extra Virgin Olive Oil:
Olive oil originates from the Mediterranean-region olive tree; it is basically a liquid fat that is obtained from olives which is then created by pressing the olives. Oil naturally contains healthy fatty acids which help your skin look smooth, supple and clear. Extra virgin olive oil is considered to be one of the healthiest fats on this planet earth that helps you prevent many common diseases associated with ageing.

Research shows that incorporating olive oil in your diet help you lower you blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart diseases to a greater ratio and helps or vent metabolic syndrome from happening! Also, it helps relieving constipation. Yes, it’s a better way to avoid that problem than just taking a laxative pill.

Extra virgin olive oil has so many benefits in your life folks that you definitely need to know about if you do not know of them already. It not only prevents wrinkles but also softens the fine lines of wrinkles; it consists of anti-oxidants like vitamin E, Phytosterols and Polyphenols. Olive oil when applied externally prevents premature skin ageing and helps prevent UV rays, also protects from free radicals which causes skin damage. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect on your skin that will protect it from sun damage. It also contains about 73% of monounsaturated fat, which is associated with increased skin elasticity and firm-nests.

How olive oil removes dark spots from your skin?

Damn, never knew about the significance of adding olive oil in your routine diet? Well now you know. People who incorporate olive oil in their routine diet will notice a major difference in their health and skin as well, it’ll make your skin look healthier, brighter and ads glow to it as well. Applying olive oil to your skin with the addition of small amount of lemon juice to it, can also help in skin whitening and wrinkle prevention. It provides required moisture to your skin and keep it hydrated.

#2 Green tea:
Next on our list is green tea. Billions of people drink tea daily and today, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world other than water. There are basically three varieties of tea; green, black and long.

Among these Green tea is considered to be the healthiest of all, infect it is the healthiest beverage you can consume on a daily basis which is loaded with anti-oxidants that provides enormous health benefits. It protects the cells in the body from oxidation just like you take an example of an apple, if you cut it open; it’ll turn brown due to the oxidation reaction just like that green tea prevents the cells in the human body from oxidation. It also helps boost your immune system, which will fight diseases and it’ll also help boost your metabolism, which makes your blood circulate faster which means you are going to burn calories and it eventually lead to weight loss.

So, second major benefit of green tea is that it helps you in weight loss, people trying to lose weight makes green tea an essential part of their daily routine.

Green tea also improves your brain functions and mental health performance, as it contains caffeine which improves concentration and memory and helps you be more productive. It also lowers your risk of Type 11 Diabetes and maintains a healthy cardiovascular system. Green tea also lowers your risk of various types of cancers such as Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, Pancreatic cancer and Colorectal cancer. So all in all, green tea does wonders and you have to make it a necessary part of your everyday life if you want better and younger looking skin and body both inside and out.

#3 Fatty fish:
Fatty fish is truly an anti-aging food that helps you acquire your desired results and that too remarkably. It has long chains of omega-3 fats that are beneficial for your skin, help it look youthful and prevent various skin diseases. EPA one of the omega-3 fats in fatty fish has been shown to preserve collagen which is a fibrous protein that helps your skin keep firm. Incorporating fatty fish in diet will help improve your skin elasticity and hydration as well.

#4 Flax seeds:
Flax seeds are also rich source of fatty acid, which protects your skin from sun damages and makes skin smooth and flexible. They also contain lignin which helps you lower your blood cholesterol level, also reduce blood sugar and insulin levels, and minimize the risk of cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Research showed that women who consumed flax seeds for straight twelve weeks claimed that their skin got much better than before and it improved the smoothness and hydration of their skin.

#5 Avocados:
Avocados are loaded with so many essential components like Oleic acid, Vitamin E, high fiber content, Lutien, lower cholesterol and folate.
Now let’s breakdown the benefits in detail, Oleic acid help you improve your cardiovascular system, also contains Vitamin B6 and folic acid that helps control hemocysteine levels in your body that are linked to an increased risk of heart diseases.

Vitamin E is present in a greater quantity in Avocado that powerful anti-oxidant and helps maintain overall health. It also contains more fiber than any other fruit. Fiber aids in digestion and helps regulate blood sugar which is essential in reducing inflammation, woo! Major aging accelerator, no?!

Avocado is also enriched with lustier which helps protect you from age-related eye degeneration. It also increases collagen production, controls blood pressure, battles diabetes and increases fertility.

A famous quote by the Mayan Indians goes like this…

“Where Avocados grow, hunger and malnutrition have no friends.”

So here we have told you about five major food items that will help you age better, by reducing major risk of brutal diseases, improving your body systems, help you in weight loss and improving your skin and whatnot! So if you are not inducing these items in your daily meals, you should start doing that right now, age better, live long and stay healthy.

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