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When it comes to weight loss, one of the hardest problems is trying to stay at a caloric deficit without starving yourself. Fruits are essential for weight loss as they are low in calories, high in nutrients and fiber, which help keep you full longer and thus, let you stay in a caloric deficit. Here are 5 fruits that are recommended for weight loss:


The Apple is a highly popular snack choice. It’s juicy, filling and sweet. Apple is a great natural source of sugar, which is a much better alternative than any processed form of sugar. Moreover, the fruit is full of nutrients like Iron and fiber. The latter is responsible for keeping you full longer as well as waving off any food cravings you might have. That’s a great thing for people wanting to lose weight because one of the biggest challenges people face is avoiding food and sugar cravings.

The best part about the apple is that it’s easily available everywhere throughout the year so you can have it every day. According to a study, three apples per day can help with weight loss. They’re low in calories as well with just 95 calories in a medium apple, so their caloric amount combined with their fullness effect is a strong recipe for weight loss.


Raspberries are composed of natural chemicals that can aid in weight loss. It also contains polyphenols and combined with the naturally occurring chemicals, they even stop fat from forming, so they help you drop fat and also help in making sure it stays off.

Raspberries have a high amount of fiber with an incredibly low-calorie count. A cup of raspberries only contains 64 calories but they also contain 8g of fiber, which helps a lot in keeping you full.  They’re perhaps one of the best fruits out there for weight loss currently.


One of the main tips given out to deal with food cravings is to drink a lot of water as it helps you feel full. You can do the same as well as add a few nutrients into the mix by eating watermelon. The fruit has a bad reputation for having a lot of sugar, but it has a lot of proven health benefits.

Not only is it 90% water with less than a 100 calories for two cups which makes you feel a lot fuller, but research conducted at the University of Kentucky has also found that consumption of the fruit leads to an improved lipid profile with lower fat accumulation. Thus, the watermelon not only helps in lowering your calorie count for the day, but it helps in keeping the fat you shred off as well.


High in fiber and water content, oranges instantly become one of the go-to fruits for weight loss. Any fruit with lots of water and fiber is good because those are the two main ingredients that keep you full longer, and thus prevent you from overeating.

At just 86 calories per orange, it’s highly portable just like an Apple and it’s also available throughout the year. Therefore, you can take an orange with you anywhere you want, be it work, school or wherever. It’s a great choice for weight loss because of its low calorie yet high nutritional value.


According to a study printed in the journal Metabolism, eating grapefruit before meals can help reduce belly fat and even lower cholesterol levels. Participants of the study saw a decrease in their waistline in just a few weeks of the study by following this tip. It goes to show how powerful the grapefruit is in burning fat.

The fat burning effect of the grapefruit is due to a combination of Vitamin C and phytochemicals present inside the fruit. Moreover, a grapefruit has less than a 100 calories, so it’s a decent low-calorie snack as well. The study suggests half a grapefruit between meals so that cuts the calories down even more. If the other fruits in this list aren’t your cup of tea, try grapefruit as it’s a great fruit for weight loss as well.


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